In the UK they can now freeze eggs and sperm for up to 55 years

Sep 7, 2021-1:34a. NS.

Faced with the trend towards delayed parenting, the British authorities decided to extend the period from 10 to 55 years.

UK authorities said Monday that after a review of the country’s fertility rules, people who want to start a family will be able to freeze their eggs, sperm and embryos for up to 55 years.

Previously, the limit was set within 10 years, however, the government reported, due to the trend towards delayed parenting, that the current limit for those who plan to use in vitro fertilization has been abolished and, in turn, is being promoted. A change in the law permitting such an extension. (You might be interested: These are the winning photos for the New Scientist Photography Awards 2021)

“Intended parents should not have to deal with time limits for fertility options, and this big change in stocking times will give people more control over their future and remove the stress that comes with knowing what to make of a decision in 10 years.” The British Guardian newspaper quoted James Bethell, the Minister of Health responsible for innovation.

People or couples who freeze eggs, sperm or embryos every 10 years will be asked if they want to keep or remove the genetic material. (We recommend: The Colombian-developed robot featured in “Science Robotics”)

The Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority, which is responsible for regulating fertility practices and clinics providing these services, welcomed the decision: “We welcome the government’s plans to extend the storage limit for frozen eggs, sperm and embryos, and to align the law with developments in science and changes in modern society and individuals’ reproductive choices.”

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Along with the legislation, this change was made possible by the development of a new freezing technology called vitrification, which allows frozen genetic material to be stored indefinitely without being damaged. (You may be interested in: Videos: A meteor lit up and blew the skies of France and England)

Although the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has not set when the bill to change the law will be introduced, it is expected that it will be proposed when Parliament has time to discuss it.

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