Former UK undergraduates endorse Ambassador Nick Whittingham

UK Ambassador Nick Whittingham. Image: The Watch / Social Networks

At least 16 former university students from the United Kingdom published a letter, on Tuesday, February 21, in support of this European country’s ambassador, Nick Whittingham, after the Foreign Office (Minx) asked the head of the diplomatic mission. Respect the electoral process after requesting a meeting with the judges of the Supreme Elections Court.

“We, as alumni and former UK university students resident in Guatemala, are reaching out to the public to express our support for the work of the current UK Ambassador to Guatemala, Nick Whittingham. We believe the work he has done in the country during his tenure has been exceptional and has been a real support to the community and government In Guatemala,” the document states.

Professionals add that Whittingham showed an openness and willingness to work in cooperation with the authorities and civil society to promote development and prosperity in Guatemala, while his commitment to democracy and human rights was clear, which they could see firsthand. As well as his willingness to build bridges of communication and cooperation with all parties.

The signatories lamented that they had seen how certain groups misinterpreted the spirit of diplomatic cooperation and launched unwarranted attacks against him and his person, and made it clear that the said opinion is not part of all the former students of this nation, but rather is part of this opinion. To thank you for the work you do.

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From this point of view, they called on “these people” to reconsider their position and join in building a prosperous and just country, because they affirm that through dialogue and mutual respect, misunderstandings can be overcome and progress in constructive cooperation for the good. For everyone. The letter was signed by the following persons:

Rudy A Herrera Marble

Marilos Chang

Ximena Matus

Alfredo Ortega

Claudia Hernandez Strand

Gabriela Guzman

Carmen Benitez

Daniela Daosta

Javier Zelada

Carmen Carmona

Edgar Obregon

Astrid Ariza

Alejandro Rivera

Carla Cardona

Separtian Martinez

Sophia Heigl

The government requests that the ambassador’s procedures be respected

Minex sent a letter to the ambassador on January 27, stating that the government of Guatemala was concerned because the embassy had invited the TSE to a meeting at his residence to discuss “registration of citizens and parties, being the highest authority in electoral matters in the country.”

According to the letter, the British diplomatic mission noted that the international community is committed to “supporting Guatemala to develop its democracy,” and that this meeting seeks to help understand the process, as well as to see where to direct cooperation and monitoring efforts. …which contribute to strengthening “Guatemalan democracy”.

The State Department emphasized that Guatemala is “fully exercising its democracy” and therefore the invitations “are considered regrettable and lack diplomatic subtlety, demonstrating disrespect, by sprinkling foreign terms that enter into uncertain interpretations and assert themselves as their own.”

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As a result of the foregoing, the government requested respect for the evolution of the electoral process, noting that it is “independent and very clear,” and does not need the supervision of external parties to “delegitimize and exclude it.”

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