In pictures, Minnesota protests during George Floyd’s trial

Former police officer Derek Chauvin is accused of violating police protocol, which stipulates not to use force when a detainee suffers from adverse health conditions. Photo: Getty Images.

The trial of the George Floyd murder charge, which was committed in May 2020 and which shook the United States and had global repercussions, began on March 29 with the Minnesota State Attorney’s Office showing a shocking video showing the detainee’s torment for more. From nine minutes.

“Nine minutes 29 seconds. Attorney General Jerry Blackwell said of the time ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin spent his knee on Floyd’s neck, that’s how long it lasted.”

Bradford Langenfeld, the doctor who confirmed George Floyd’s death in the United States nearly a year ago, said Monday that The most likely cause of death was suffocation.

This standard clashes with the account of the alleged heart attack as the defense of former police officer Derek Chauvin tries to prove it.

The coroner’s report concluded that Floyd’s death was a murder resulting from “heart and lung failure” due to complications due to police measures and “neck pressure”. Photo: Getty Images.

The president said that Chauvin’s work, by nailing his knee to the neck of the detainee for nine minutes and 29 seconds, with a detainee handcuffed “is not part of our training, it is not part of our morals or our values.” From the Minneapolis Police Department, Medaria Aradundu. Photo: Getty Images.

A protest in Minneapolis during the “George Floyd Case” trial, which sparked protests against racial abuse and discrimination in the United States. Photo: Getty Images.

Some people photograph during the Love of People Power Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photo: Reuters.

Jay Webb is building a park in George Floyd Square, after the first week of Derek Chauvin’s trial. Photo: Reuters.

Violating police protocol compliance is a major asset for the OTP to hold Chauvin responsible for the death of Floyd, who has become a symbol of the ethnic movement in the United States. Photo: Reuters.

Members of the groups Calpoli Tlukchotle and Calpoli Quetzal Quatlico participate in a cultural dance amid the trial of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Photo: Getty Images.

The “George Floyd” case that sparked protests against racial abuse and discrimination in the United States. Photo: Getty Images.

People congregate at the corner of 38th Street and Chicago Street where George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photo: Getty Images.

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