The UK launches its own space command

A similar initiative to that of the United States and France

UK space sector. Photo: British Space Agency

04/06/2021 | Madrid

Marta Blanco Sanchez

The UK government officially Space Command (Space Command), a joint force formed by Royal Navy, The the British army, The Royal Air Force And the civil service. Upon full operation of the new force, it will provide command and control of all defense space capabilities, including UK Space Operations Center (SpOC), Satellite communications Skynet, The RAF Fylingdales And other enabling capabilities. The country thus joins the list of countries that already have its own space force, such as the United States and France.

Space is essential for military operations. Loss or disruption of spatial dominance can affect the ability to perform most defensive tasks and has the potential to significantly affect civil, commercial and economic activity. With this in mind, the UK has made its new military arm in charge.

Unlike US Space Force, Which follows the naval model, UK Aerospace Command is more consistent with the Air Force. Officials from the country’s Ministry of Defense explain that, “Space is an enabling field that includes global positioning system and satellite communications that affect civilian life, as well as an operational field where space activity of other countries can be observed. It is about being an advocate of space, not a fan of The space. ”

For the British authorities, “the establishment of a space command is a critical step in developing a coherent strategy for understanding and operating in space aimed at protecting the interests of the United Kingdom.”

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Composition and structure

The Space Command carries out its tasks alongside the Space Administration of the Ministry of Defense, which is responsible for policy, strategy, and intergovernmental and international coordination of space defense. Title National Space Council It will flow through space direction to British Space Command and other related defense elements. Space Command will interact with British Space Agency When necessary, to provide a common national space capacity.

On the other hand, the British Aerospace Command will also have close ties with the Strategic Leadership, Defense Science and Technology Lab (DSTL) To examine the development of new capabilities with a view to integrating multiple areas.

The new headquarters will be at the Royal Air Force Station (RAF). Wicomb hikeWith the Air Command. “This will allow the organization to take advantage of the existing RAF space structures, such as UK Space Operations Center (UK SPOC)According to sources in the British Ministry of Defense. The Space Command will also be responsible for recruiting, training, and developing defense personnel working in this field.

International cooperation

Collaboration with international partners is the key in space. Experts warn that no country can do this alone. The new British Space Command will continue the country’s commitment to the initiative Joint space operations, Which includes seven countries (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States), and seeks to improve opportunities for cooperation, coordination and interoperability in space.

British Space Command will also lead the country’s participation in the Space Alliance Led under the operation Olympic defender It will support the growth of the space sector in OTAN.

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