IMSS approves the draft preliminary budget for the fiscal year 2022

The Technical Council of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) announced the approval of the preliminary draft budget corresponding to the fiscal year 2022, Which includes health issues related to the effects such as the consequences of Covid-19.

The initial project takes into account the strategic reserves of about 1,934 million pesos, with which the agenda ensures the continued payment of pensions, which will increase. It also includes deaths from Covid-19, as well as the consequences it has had on people afflicted with the disease, such as fallout.

The staff of the IMSS Technical Council explained that, for the first time in history, reservations were being considered to be mentioned in the initial draft of the budget for the fiscal year 2022.

Finally, regarding IMSS’s financial report for the 2020-2021 exercise, it is detailed that 6 thousand 544 million pesos are required, of which 99.5 percent will be allocated to the consequences of the epidemic and 0.5 percent to people with complications. diabetic. It was also decided that IMSS expenditures will be 532 thousand and 935 million, the initial balance is estimated at 25 thousand and 573 million, and the accumulated target of reserves is expected to be about 19 thousand 002 million and restricted income is 6 thousand 571 million.

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