The Explora Science Center remains closed; The opening will be by decision of the Council

Lyon, J. T.; Although the state’s epidemic traffic light is green, the Explora Science Center has not yet opened and the decision will be taken collectively by the board.

This was indicated by the mayor, Gerardo Ibarra, who commented that the green spaces and the park area are open, because they belong to the Board of Directors of the State Fair of Lyon and they are the ones who influence this space.

Explora Science Center. Photo: special.

“We have not yet opened, there is no capacity yet, and it must be determined once the date of opening of the Explora is determined, the traffic light and epidemiological conditions will be analyzed … and today the Explora remains closed,” he said.

The municipal official confirmed that the decision to open is to consult the Board of Trustees in agreement with state, municipal and health authorities.

Regarding Explora’s opening of the León 2022 fair, he noted that the park belongs to the Exposition Board and they will determine whether this space is to be used for the fairground.

In the meantime, the Explora Science Park will be closed to the public, until the council decides to open it regularly, before the pandemic begins.

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