How to De-Stress in 5 Minutes: The Favorite Technique of Integrative Medicine Guru Will Cole

Next time you Feel anxiousKeep this handy Technique to reduce stress Because when Will Cole He speaks, he does it with the mind. It is considered one of The world’s best experts in Functional and Integrative Medicine, just published in Spain Gut and feelings (Serio Editorial, 2023), an interesting guide to treating the relationship between What you eat and how you feel. As he explains, one of the essential aspects of balancing ourselves physically and mentally is Conscious self-compassion. “Studies have shown that those who practice it are more happywith Greater motivation, Better relationships And physical and mental health. They are also more psychologically resilient when confronted with traumatic events.” There are many techniques to practice however Cole has his favorites

This is how we accumulate stress and how we can get rid of it

the Self-pity Which Reduces stress Depends on Sorry. Forgiving yourself is one of the foundations of achieving optimal health and well-being. Studies show – and this has been proven by brain MRI – that it generates a condition More positive emotionalEnhances areas of the brain knowledge And the Empathize with, Reduces inflammationlevels Cortisol It helps the body move more Parasympathetic nervous systemThat is, it allows you to rest, repair, digest and Restore balance. “It’s true that it’s not as simple as it seems to you Relationship with yourself It’s the longest and most persistent of your life, and it’s bound to be there The ups and downs, regret and self-criticism And the things you wish you could change about yourself, from your body to your behavior and habits,” the expert explains. Self-pityInstead of punishing or criticizing ourselves for it, we talk to each other like a friend would Empathize with.

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How to De-Stress in 5 Minutes: Will Cole’s Favorite Technique

one of Will Cole’s Favorite Techniques It’s the call Physical therapy Which is based on the concept that your body stores all trauma in the body. The result is that all those unexpressed feelings trap us in a state of… Constant stress. Physical therapies release these tensions. According to the integrative doctor, there is Homemade technology Which you can try yourself. He will take you 5 minutes.

  1. Unscrew Unscrew Relax and lower your body shoulders.
  2. Release tension from your body by shaking your body armsOpen and close HandcuffsTransformation head And relax the neck.
  3. Then stir eyes From top to bottom and from left to right, to relax them.
  4. Then open mouth It stretches your jaw. Take out the language To increase stretching.
  5. Now pat, tap or tap yourself all over body. Or you can also give yourself bosom I’ve always needed it.

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