The UK Ambassador participated in women’s rugby activities

Los Pumas’ presence in Salta this week led to a series of sporting and social promotional activities that continued in the presence of the UK Ambassador to Argentina, Kirsty Hayes Las Maihuatas, Salta women’s rugby team, training.

Minister of Tourism and Sports Mario Pena And economics Roberto Deeb Ashour They received the diplomat yesterday afternoon at the Gimnasia y Tiro facility in La Almudena, in an activity that brings together public policies related to gender and sport and the sporting activity that is steadily growing in Salta.

“Sports in Salta does not involve gender exclusivity, it is a space for promotion, development and inclusion to which the government is strongly committed,” said Minister Peña, who highlighted the growth of women’s rugby in the province. The official also pointed to the important match that Los Pumas will play next Saturday against Scotland, because it is an event that combines tourism and sports, with Salta at the international level.

Ambassador Hayes said that it was “her second time in the province and confirmed the reason for calling it La Linda,” and noted that in this “opportunity, sports are the main reason for the visit.” I was able to see these amazing girls, and enjoy women’s rugby which is very important in my country.

Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity, Itati Carrick He stated that “it is very important to show that in a masculine sport like rugby, there is also the inclusion of women. In doing so, we break the mold that tells us that things should and should be a certain way.”

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The Minister of Interior also participated Javier Diez VelaSecretary of Press and Communications Javier LamasUndersecretary of the Ministry of Sports Romina ArroyoGender and Sports Coordinator Claudia Catalano.

The British Ambassador to Argentina participated in women's rugby activities

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