The United Kingdom, Italy, and Japan establish the Global Combat Air Programme

The three governments signed an agreement to work together on a new generation of combat aircraft.

Twelve months after signing A First agreement to Create Of what is called Intergovernmental organizationthe Governments of the United Kingdom, Italy and Japan They’ve just expanded this with Signing the establishment of the Global Combat Air Programheading to A new generation of combat aircraft will be put into service in 2035 It was developed and built by companies from all three countries. BAE Systems, LeonardAnd Mitsubishi Heavy Industries It will be the Leaders in all of them.

this The program began with interest from Japan and Italy in the stormthe British alternative to FCAS in Germany, Spain and France.

The new agreement between the three countries places The main headquarters of the program is in the United Kingdomwhile his The first general manager will be Japanese. the The joint project that the three partners will create For industrial work It will also be based in the United Kingdom, and will be headed by an Italian.

As the three industrial partners point out, they already have A workforce of approximately 9,000 people working on the project worldwide, and more than 1,000 suppliers in the three countries.

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