The winners of the “Silvia Torres” Physics and Mathematics competition were honored

Students Jorge Alejandro Gonzalez Diaz, from Technologyco de Monterrey, Colima campus; Daniel Alejandro Aranda Zamora, from Baccalaureate No. 4 and Daniela Arishiga Hernandez, from Campoverde CollegeThey were among the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, respectively, in the competition Physics and Mathematics “Sylvia Torres” organized by the Faculty of Science in Colima University.

Said competition, which is held within the framework of the eighth week of physics and mathematics organized by this college, is calculated in its first stage, through Online exam On March 26, with the participation of 48 students from the Colima University campus and other state institutions, and in its second stage, which was held on April 2 in person, with a total of 23 students, of whom the three winners came out of the competition.

First place winner took home 15.6-inch ASUS Thin & Light laptop; The second is a 10.4-inch Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite tablet with 64GB storage, while the third is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 tablet with 64GB storage. The winners also receive a set of Physics and Mathematics books and a scholarship to pursue a degree in Physics or Mathematics at UdeC.

When interviewing the students about their participation in this competition, the students expressed their happiness that the Faculty of Science opened it not only to students from the University of Colima or from the fields of physics and mathematics, but to any student interested and enthusiastic about these disciplines; “I am very excited that they are promoting this kind of activity, because it is usually left aside or dismissed as boring, but there are people who are very interested in having these opportunities,” said Daniela Arishiga.

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For his part, the first place winner, Jose Gonzalez Diaz, explained that one of the aspects I loved about participating in this competition is that not only the answer is evaluated, but also the procedure of each participant to reach the correct result. ; “Actually, I had a lot of fun and I’m glad they held this kind of competition to encourage a taste for science.”

For his part, Daniel Aranda stressed that the most important thing in this meeting is for the student to develop his skills Logic Mathematics when solving problems. When talking about his future career, he said that one of his main options is to study physics at the University of Colima. “I think it is important to emphasize that young people in general should not limit themselves in terms of their abilities, meaning that these competitions are not for people of superior minds. I do not agree with this idea, rather I think that these competitions are for those who have the initiative and the desire to participate.

Finally, Daniela Arishiga commented that she would like to continue mastering her knowledge of physics and mathematics in order to have a good base and study Food Chemical Engineering at the University of Colima’s Faculty of Chemical Sciences, while Jorge Gonzalez commented that he plans to use that kind of knowledge to apply it in machine building, where he plans to study Mechatronics engineering, either in Colima or Guadalajara.

For his part, the professor of the Faculty of Science and the organizer of the eighth week of physics and mathematics, Luis Enrique Garza Jahuna, noted that the conference series of five conferences with professionals from all over the country, as well as the “Silvia Torres” competition, aims to promote a taste for these disciplines among secondary and high school students; “The competition seeks to attract and encourage students with an ability in physics and mathematics with awards so that they have an idea of ​​what these jobs are and, at a given time, if they are interested, take them at the University of Colima.”

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In addition, he pointed out that these types of events are essential to Strengthen racing exact sciences, because many students have the idea that they are very difficult; However, they can be fun and interesting, “specifically the Physics and Mathematics courses we offer at UdeC have a high level of quality, mainly due to the qualification level of their teachers.”

Highlighting the strengths of the College of Science, he said that all of its professors have Ph.D. degrees and are also active researchers who generate new science and knowledge through research projects which the students themselves also join.

This means, he added, that if a person is interested in doing and learning science, he can do so in our college. This is the reason why many graduates over the past years are sufficiently qualified to obtain scholarships for postgraduate studies abroad and can compete perfectly with people from all over the world.”

On behalf of University’s president from the University of Colima, Christian Torres Oritz ZerminoDirector General of Higher Education, Susana Aurelia Preciado Jimenez He pointed out that the “Sylvia Torres” competition, which has been held year after year since 2013, “constitutes a talent talent That in the future they can study physics or mathematics at our university. I want to make it clear that this competition was made thanks to the enthusiasm and cooperation of the teachers of these two educational programs, who make up an economic portfolio to be able to reward students. ”

He finally pointed out that there are many successful cases of campus graduates, so he invited the young winners to study in the Faculty of Science, if they finally decided to study this kind of discipline; “At the University of Colima you will have all the skills and competencies to choose a program, whether in the country or abroad, because this college gives you the floor and the sky as much as you decide to go.”

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