How to activate a secret Easter egg

An unsolved secret

Jan Willem Nijman is a videogame designer who decided to post a rather interesting open question on Twitter. The proposal is aimed at game developers, as it called for Easter eggs hidden in video games to be shared, regardless of whether they are discovered or not. Well, among the many responses, there was one from Patrick Wren that attracted a lot of attention.

This designer is currently working on Halo, and he revealed in his tweet that Halo 5 is hiding a beautiful 4-player kart racing game hidden in the level. evacuation. According to Wren, the race winner receives powerful weapons, but activating this mode is so complicated that no person in the world can discover it without some small clues.

In search of an Easter egg

But there are some users who only need to hear challenging and impossibility words to activate Challenge Mode, and this is what happened to Rocket Sloth and Ducain23, two Halo fans with Twitch channels dedicated to the saga who didn’t hesitate to investigate. What was hiding behind this Easter egg. There were several fans trying to figure out the secret about the level, but since no one got anything, Patrick Wren decided to give another clue in the form of a poem:

Four Spartans begins at the station

To search for a sense of eviction

To get out of the gate

Simply stand there and wait

The term of his appointment

Four Spartans start from the station

To search for a feeling of eviction

To run out of the door

Just stand there and wait

The duration of your mission

The poem hid some clear instructions: They had to play 4 players In a cooperative, wait at the door and do so for a while to be hired. The banners quickly fell into the fact that the timing should be tied to the appointment of 117 key leaders, so hopefully the wait will be long. 117 seconds.

How to open go-kart mode in Halo 5

Halo 5 Karts

The poem turned out to be very effective. Finally, the viewers were able to unlock the secret kart mode, and for this they only had to quickly jump to the first door of the level once the game started, as the Easter Egg would only be activated in the first two minutes. Of course, they did not succeed the first time, since not knowing the limit of two minutes, they kept trying without restarting the game, something that he warned, fortunately, by calling the live broadcast they were doing.

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This means that players will only have 3 seconds to move into the hole, and another 117 seconds to wait for the mode to activate: After doing so, the four players will be instantly transported to an area fixed on each of them by the nicks. Now you just have to complete the circuit and finish first to earn a good rocket launcher.

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