This is how the oil companies will face the campaigns against hydraulic fracturing in the country – sectors – the economy

For Alexandra Hernandez, Vice President of Economic Affairs at Colombian Petroleum Association (ACP)Transparency scheme for hydraulic fracturing pilot projects to be implemented by oil companies Ecopetrol and ExxonMobil In Puerto Wilches (Santander) it will be so basic that the true impacts of this technology are determined outside of the disinformation handled in social networks.

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For this part, John Padilla, Latin America Director of the consulting firm IPD, It indicates that institutions and companies must define social, economic and environmental needs through dialogue and communication at the local and national level with youth, universities, environmental scientists and political sectors.

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“If the environment is very important to many and it is an essential resource for the country, then you should really understand it, look at how to improve it and use the resources that exist for the well-being of everyone, not some,” he confirms.

According to Armando Zamora, President National Agency of Hydrocarbons (ANH)Once the pilots are implemented and the targets are met, a robust communication and education campaign needs to be deployed because the “anti-fracking” campaigns, which come from countries that do not want to develop the technology, “have a well-regulated, well-oiled mechanism and adequate resources”.

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“They especially come from Europe, which has a lot of potential for unconventional deposits in Ukraine, Poland, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Imagine what will happen to Russia if Europe produces its gas. “

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“The pilots are not much to prove the technology, but to see if the country will go down the line of being objective on the basis of science or whether it will descend on the line of politics, myths, exaggerations and outside influences,” experts.

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