BC is severely lagging behind in forensic science

Gerardo Sanchez / El Vega
[email protected] | Ensenada, British Columbia

The Baja California pathologist noted that there is a high degree of backwardness in forensic science, mainly due to ignorance of the authorities, which is dangerous when 85 percent of judgments, convictions, or acquittals are based on expert evidence.

Speaking of The Expert Evidence with the Challenges of the New Justice System System, presented to members of the Baja California delegation of the Mexican Academy of Criminal Law of the Mexican Bar Association headed by Esteban Cabella Ibarra, Cervantes Cisneros said that the entity’s forensic department has all its shortcomings.

He pointed out the lack of preparation of experts, the lack of capacity to develop them, the lack of equipment, the lack of personnel, the lack of budget and the authorities’ little interest in the matter.

Impunity and lack of interest
He pointed out that this situation causes the absence of the necessary elements to apply the law in the event of committing a crime, and that society realizes that the detainees leave the day after their arrest, which generates a feeling of impunity and finally the lack of interest of citizens towards it. Submit complaints, a situation that contributes to the crime cycle that we are witnessing.

The former head of expert services for the state attorney general, the attorney general today, added that to this problem must be added the lack of coordination between the Crime Investigation Authority and the Court of Justice.

He pointed out that the State Attorney, today the State Attorney General, stands at his side, and the Court of Justice is at his side, which exacerbates the criminal index in the entity.

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He pointed out that the modernization of forensic science and the decisive, strong and effective support of the expert division, is the main challenge to the new criminal justice system in Mexico that began in 2004 and which has moved from an investigative and written system, to an accusatory and verbal system.

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