House urges Jalisco governor to hand over 140 million pesos to Museum of Environmental Sciences

Representatives of the LXV Legislature of the Federal Congress approved a point of agreement on Jalisco’s governor, Enrique Alvaro Ramirez, urged respect for the University of Guadalajara’s autonomy and budget allocations To build an Environmental Science Museum approved by the Jalisco State Legislature.

Representatives remind that Of the 140 million pesos allocated this year for the construction of the Environmental Science Museum, 120 million comes from the union And only 20 million pesos come from the finances of the Jalisco state government. In addition, there was no reason not to hand over the resources, since they had already been sent in full by the government of the republic.

The invitation was signed by the coordinator of the Morena Parliamentary Group, Moises Ignacio Mir Velazco; Coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of the National Action Party, Jorge Romero Herrera; Coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of the Party of the Democratic Revolution, Luis Angel Xarriel Espinosa Cazzaro; Coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of the Labor Party, Alberto Anaya Gutierrez and Coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of the Green Environment Party in Mexico, Carlos Alberto Puente Salas.

They confirm it The Museum of Environmental Science aims to understand the city and inspire conservation of the nature that preserves it. Its construction has been going on since 2017. The museum has been built since 2017 with funding from the federal and state governments, the municipality of Zapopan and the University of Guadalajara.

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at another point, Warning that UdeG-related resources have not been moved Despite the fact that the quarterly reports sent by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit to the Chamber of Deputies indicate that the Jalisco government has received the corresponding ministries to the FAFEF on time.

This is what the deputies say in their homily: Violation of the provisions of the fifth paragraph of Article 48 of the Financial Coordination Law, which literally states: “Federal entities will inform the Local Executing Agency of the expenditures, and the corresponding budget within a maximum period of five working days, as soon as the corresponding administration has received each of the funds provided for in Chapter V of this Decree.”

The letter confirms that the ruler Enrique Alvaro Ramirez, by his unilateral decision to reallocate resources, violated the university’s autonomy which the University of Guadalajara has, adding that the assignment 4156/01 is part of the legacy of the university, so the Jalisco Executive does not have the powers to make said reappointment.

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