Colombia’s choice for the rest

Colombia has more than 26 footballers to choose from. Not only those now called up by Reinaldo Rueda for the knockout matches against Uruguay, Brazil and Ecuador have the qualifications for the yellow heavy jersey. There is a wide range of qualified players that the coach enters into to determine his favorites and those he considers to be of sufficient qualities to contribute to the various tasks, jobs and demands that his idea of ​​the game and the sporting challenges that the Faces of the Homeland team require.

Unlike in the past, when most of the “players” focused on the local tournament, today there are our players spread all over the world. That’s why Colombia emerged as the fifth most exporting country for soccer players in the world between 2011 and 2019, with 4,287, according to a FIFA report (Brazil ranked first with 15,128, Argentina, second with 7,444; United Kingdom, third. 5523 and France). in fourth place with 5027).

The coach and a large group of his assistants must be wide open, watching every league the Colombian is performing in. There is even the Moldovan League, as many hardly discovered this week when centre-back Danilo Arboleda and forward Frank Castaneda stood out in the heroic 2-1 victory of the humble Sheriff over the mighty Real Madrid in the Champions League.

However, playing outside is not enough. Even with a good performance, as John Cordoba did in Germany and Russia, you can be out of the team.

The quantity and quality of strikers featured in Reinaldo Rueda’s roster have closed the doors for 28-year-old Chukwano, who plays for FC Krasnodar.

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