Honda announced the sale of its car plant in Swindon, UK


Honda has officially confirmed the sale of its Swindon, UK car plant. Additionally, the company has entered into an agreement with Panattoni, the largest developer of industrial facilities in Europe.

Honda Officially announced Sell ​​your car production center It is located in Swindon, UK. However, the Japanese company entered into an agreement with Panattoni, the largest developer of newly built industrial and logistical facilities in Europe.

Still with ambition Internal restructuring processHonda has chosen to permanently close its UK plant, which has played a leading role in its European foundation. However, the prizes are lost It was not the main reason To close this attachment.

Now, instead of falling into oblivion and locking in indefinitely, The plant will have continuity. This means that this place was sold to Panattoni, which is a major company in Industrial and logistical field.

Panatoni will take over

So the company’s activity in Swindon It is very close to its endBecause, in July 2021, production of Honda Civic will end with hatchback body. This halt to production will coincide with The end of the life cycle Commercial for the current generation of the model.

Thus, once the Civic is over, the Disassembly process Of cloth. Additionally, statutory handover of the facilities is expected to take place in the spring of 2022, just after Panatoni It will start with reconfiguration To carry out its industrial activity.

Likewise, Panattoni has committed to investing more than 800 million euros in Get the site up and running again. On the other hand, Honda will evaluate the opportunities For small sections, So that neighboring communities can use these spaces.

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Therefore, during the process of “going” the Japanese company You will lend their support For Banatunni. That is, it will actively cooperate with the local authorities to be able to implement this An ambitious industrial project.

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