Cubans residing in different latitudes will participate in the ninth edition of Caravans “Puentes de amor” • Workers

Cubans residing in 52 cities around the world will demand the US government this weekend to lift economic, trade, financial and other restrictions affecting Cuban families.

Exactly one month after the day before the “Puentes de Amor” convoys, in favor of abolishing economic sanctions imposed on Cuba and Cuban families, and implemented in the cities of Miami, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Ottawa and Montreal, our citizens will also tour the streets of Las Vegas, Tampa, Hartford, Holyoke, Albany, Detroit and Washington. DXC, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary and Victoria.

To the activities programmed in the United States and Canada for Sunday, there are convoys, activities, and virtual meetings in Spain, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Italy, Belgium, Angola, Honduras, Nicaragua, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Panama, Mexico, Belize, Ecuador, El Salvador and Brazil during the weekend. These and other countries will be the scene of the international campaign against the blockade and support for our country, organized by Cuban Solidarity Associations on March 27-28. (Copaminrix)

Cuban Foreign Minister salutes the international convoys against the American blockade

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