His frustrating career, millionaire legacy and private life

David Gandy (43 years old) He is a face known to everyone. The international supermodel has infiltrated our homes with some of the advertising campaigns he has done for Dolce & Gabbana. This Wednesday, Pablo Motos (58 years old) visited the program to present to us A chance to get to know you a little better And know the ins and outs behind the spotlight in advertising and fashion.

His face is one of the most attractive and famous in the world of fashion. So much so that artificial intelligence considers him the most handsome model in the world. Beauty combined with her innate talent allowed her to have a meteoric career. But what are its origins? Have you always been involved in modeling? What does your private life look like? We discover the life behind David Gandy.

David Gandy and his frustrated professional dream

David Gandy was born in Billericay, Essex, United Kingdom. Within a working family of humble origins. Since he was young, he dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. His love for animals made him want to devote himself full time to caring for them and treating their diseases. however, He did not obtain the necessary grade to study for the degree. This is what prompted him to study marketing, where he discovered the world of fashion. He indulged in it in 2001 after his win.This morning, a TV show quiz Which he got there almost accidentally.

“It was a friend who sent a photo of me to the competition without my knowledge. They selected me and called me to tell me I was among the finalists, but I thought it was a joke and sent him away. I told him so.” He said: “My friend. I told him that a crazy person called me to tell me all this, and then he told me that he was the one who sent the pictures. We appeared on TV and I won. This happened 23 years ago.” In “El Hormiguero”.

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they His piercing blue eyes, his Apollonian body His calm but majestic attitude made him attract the attention of all viewers. Despite this, David has admitted on several occasions that he feels somewhat insecure about his body. “I don’t like my body very much.. I am very critical of myself. “In fact, I’m so much of a perfectionist in everything I do, so I’ll never be able to be happy,” the Hello! post read.


Let it be what it is, And so his path began to revolve around fashion.He made his first campaigns with Carolina Herrera and Dolce & Gabbana, a brand he continues to work with 16 years later. The reputation of these companies was a major boost to his career, to which he added advertising sites and trademarks. Such as Hugo Boss, H&M or Massimo Dutti. In this way, Grande became one of the most famous and popular models on the scene.

His talent and “duende” in front of the camera It prompted many film producers and directors to knock on their doors. At first it was a small role in the movie “300: Rise of an Empire”, the second part of the famous film. Then a character appeared in the movie “Hercules” with another model, Irina Shayk and Dwayne Johnson. And then the opportunity to play will come Christian Grey, hero of the “Fifty Shades of Gray” book series. David’s answer to all of them was the same: No.


Not even the prestige of those films Not even the arguments of its managers were able to remove the model Of his professional career. Referring to the role of Grey, David explained his motivations in an interview with the Square Mile: “Was it right for me? I think no. It didn’t seem right in any way, and something inside me told me to turn down the role. (…) I am lucky. “I do what I love, and I don’t have to act.”

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