The most anticipated Netflix series of November

It also means an extra month for many new series or seasons on different streaming platforms, and Netflix It is one of the companies that is preparing to surprise its fans with the products that it will release, and these are some of the most anticipated products:

Robbie Williams

he November 8 This year, a series about a pop singer will be released. Robbie Williams, famous for its musical themes such as “Angels”, “Rock DJ”, “Feel” and others. In this production he undergoes a comprehensive and uncensored analysis of his status as a global icon and a gifted artist who has faced the challenges of fame for more than three decades.

the crown

This is a work of fiction Based on real eventsHe tells a life Queen Isabel II United Kingdom, along with the most important events of his reign, politically and personally. Its first show was in 2016 and it is now November 16 When will part One From his final season, instead December 14 You will reach the screens Part two.

Squid game, challenge

he November 22 “La Gran N” will reach the screensKanmar game: ChallengeIt is a reality show inspired by the Korean series developed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. Unlike the series, in this program the participants do not risk their lives. People from all over the world compete for a big cash prize, as seen in fiction.

Romantic korean drama

Four Japanese actresses move to South Korea to audition for romantic dramas and share the stage with Korean actors. The series will premiere on November 28.

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