Netflix Starts to Eliminate Ad-Free Basic Plan

Streaming platform Netflix has started to phase out its cheapest ad-free plan in regions like the UK and Canada, forcing users to choose a new plan to keep their subscription active online.

Let’s remember that several months ago the streaming company was proposing a revision of its subscription plans, which began by offering a more affordable plan with ads.

But what bothered the app’s users the most was the end of shared accounts and the increased cost of its other methods, which left many critics.

Netflix announced a few months ago that it would stop offering the ad-free Basic plan to new subscribers, starting with Canada and the UK, and then indicated that it would permanently remove this format from its offering in these countries, which will affect users who have already paid for this plan.

Several media outlets are reporting that Reddit users who subscribe to Netflix’s basic ad-free plan have reported receiving an email from the company asking them to end the format.

In addition, it is also displayed in the application interface when it is launched to view content, and it has been notified through Netflix’s own website, where it is indicated that “Basic plan has been discontinued.”

Finally, in this platform announcement, it warns users that they must choose another subscription plan to continue enjoying the content.


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