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We’re getting more news focused on the new Nintendo Switch model that was announced a while ago: Nintendo Switch OLED Model. This is new and interesting news about the reception of the press.

In this case, we were able to find out Various international media impressions About this Nintendo Switch review. Apparently, everyone agrees that it’s a really interesting proposition, especially for players who play more in portable mode.

We leave you with their data:

  • the edge Describes the new system as the “best premium mobile experience” in the Switch family
  • Eurogamer He claims the OLED model is a “must upgrade” for laptop mode fans
  • independent He states that OLED is “the best console version to date”
  • IGN see it as An ‘easy recommendation’ for those who don’t yet have a switch, but a ‘harder sale’ for those who already have a console
  • ArsTechnica He. She It’s called “Nintendo’s Most Fun and Unneeded Update Yet”

Remember that you also have our console analysis Here.

what do you think? You can leave it in the comments. Finally, you can also find our full coverage of this model, which is set to premiere worldwide on October 8, Here.


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