Guatemalans rally against President Giamatti – Juventud Rebeldi

Guatemala City, July 29. – In different parts of Guatemala, thousands of citizens are gathering to demand the resignation of the President of the Republic, Alejandro Giamatti, as well as the state to put in place public policies to confront the epidemic with a comprehensive approach to COVID-19, which has so far infected 358,798 people and killed 10,224 others.

In addition, they demanded the resignation of the chief prosecutor, Attorney General Consuelo Porras, as of the dismissal of Juan Francisco Sandoval from the position of Special Prosecutor against Impunity in the Public Prosecution Office, says Telesur.

Concentrated in various points of this capital and in regional capitals, the demonstrators consider that Porras’ actions favor corruption in that Central American country.

In Guatemala City, a group of protesters, including students from San Marcos University, blocked the intersection of Marte Street and the Circular Road between 07:00 and 10:00 local time, to prevent the passage of heavy transportation. .

After that, they moved to the headquarters of the Public Prosecution Office to demand the resignation of Boras.

Outside the capital, there are roadblocks (including the Pan-American Highway), parades, rallies and other activities in 22 counties of the country.

Protesters will gather at the end of the day in the Plaza de la ConstituciĆ³n to demand the president’s resignation from there.

The TV channel added that the indigenous authorities in the country called, on Wednesday, for the residents to support the day of protests and to go out to show their rejection of the government and against the choice of the state by politicians and economic elites.

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At a press conference, they warned that Attorney General Consuelo Porras and President Alejandro Giamatti have become the public face of corruption, polarization, state mismanagement and the health crisis caused by Covid-19.

The crowds this Thursday come eight months before the 2020 days of protests over Congress’ approval of the 2021 budget and President Giamatti’s refusal to veto it, despite popular rejection of cuts in education, health and justice.

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