They have discovered in the UK a vast graveyard of sea creatures with an “extraterrestrial” appearance, described as “Jurassic Pompeii”.


July 29, 2021, 21:15 GMT

The discovery includes thousands of perfectly preserved specimens.

A huge cemetery of fossil marine organisms millions of years ago.alien”It was discovered in the Cotswolds, South West England, United Kingdom.

Thousands of marine invertebrates belonging to the class echinoderms, named for their prickly skin, have been “perfectly preserved” throughout their life cycle in limestone, to me they communicate Researchers from the Natural History Museum in London.

The ancestors of modern starfish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, and sea lilies grew at a depth of 20-40 meters until disasterPerhaps, the mudslide that buried these residents before 167 million yearsIn the middle of the Jurassic period.

“What we have here looks like a Jurassic Pompeii“, He said In comments to the BBC’s Neville Hollingworth, an amateur paleontologist discovered the place while on a walk.

In this period the earth was full dinosaurs Herbivores such as cetiosaurus and megalosaurus are carnivores. Life was at sea On the other hand After the extinction of half of marine species in the end of the Triassic event, which ended about 200 million years ago.

In the mid-Jurassic period, echinoderms were fully developed, making use of their long, thin, spiny limbs to capture food. was the water warmer What time, because this region is closer to what is now North Africa, due to the displacement of the tectonic plates, pointing to Live Science.

Researchers will study thousands of specimens in the Cotswolds and hope to deepen their understanding of, and even discover, the evolution of echinoderms. new species.

We will describe in detail the new species and Variety of plants and animals that we discovered at the site,” said Tim Ewen, the museum’s chief curator.

Fossils also preserve traces of Pollen and wood From that period, which is supposed to help clarify Climatic landscape from that time.

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