Guardiola admitted against City-Paris Saint-Germain that it is “very difficult” to limit Messi’s influence

Manchester, United Kingdom.- was a team coach Manchester Pep Guardiola He expressed his “happiness” on Tuesday that Messi, whom he knows well since his time at Barcelona, ​​”is still at his level”, and noted how “difficult it is to limit his influence”, on the eve of the Champions League. A clash between his team and Paris Saint-Germain.

“It’s very difficult to limit his influence…when he has the ball, sometimes he doesn’t even know what he’s going to do. I can’t tell the players what he’s going to do. It can also happen with Mbappe, Neymar Or Di Maria,” Guardiola said.

“Each of these players can be a star in any team in the world. And they are all four in the same team. I am happy that he (Messi) is still at his level.”

Regarding the classification to the eighth place of the European Championship maximum, Guardiola considered it “different from the time when he was in BarcelonaHe said he had the impression “that it is difficult, every season, to qualify for the Round of 16”.

The Catalan coach also referred to his counterpart in Paris Saint-Germain Mauricio Pochettino: “The coaches are getting better every season. I’m convinced he’s an excellent coach. You can be a great coach without winning a title.”

“Those who win trophies have the opportunity to be in the best clubs. It is not the same to face Tottenham de Pochettino or Paris Saint-Germain Pochettino. The states, players and shape states are different. Even from year to year, the same team with the same coach can be completely different.”

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