Some Xbox fans are getting 20th Anniversary Gifts from Microsoft

If you’ve been in the Xbox family for a while, you know that sometimes there are people who criticize the fact that Microsoft sends so many gifts to influencers and rarely does with its “anonymous” players, well, this time it’s different. If you have an Xbox, you may find a surprise in your email.

VGC ha Excellence Some members of the “Xbox FanFest” program have received a package called the “Xbox 20 Years of Remembrance Kit”. This will include the limited edition Halo: Infinite Controller, 12 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and a custom engraved crystal. That if, at the moment it seems that Only in the United States.

Xbox Random Gamer Gifts

As I mentioned, these gifts were sent completely randomly to members of “Xbox FanFest,” whose program is designed to access Xbox events, promotions, and other online experiences.

It is always a good idea for the brand to take care of its fans, male and female players in this case with special kits like these. Not all of us will be able to brag about such eclectic things, we can admit that we might have some healthy envy, 20 years that don’t come true every day!

If you want to take a look at this awesome bundle, here are the tweets of some of the lucky ones.

The promotion will likely extend to other areas, although Microsoft has a great track record for these things, I highly doubt that. However, if this does happen, we want to know if you are one of the lucky ones.

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