GTA 6 map has been leaked

Although Rockstar still hasn’t made the official announcement, Leaks never stop, And now GTA 6 map has been leakedOr at least part of it. This leak is consistent with previous leaks. We got our first glimpse of the supposed GTA 6 map in early 2020. It consists of two images. Later a second leak occurred and the map matched the previous leaked images. And now a new GTA 6 map leak has appeared.

It seems that Various leaks of GTA 6 map, Connected and will be part of the same map creation process. And while they are most likely fake, this is a great fake. However, due to the official blank information received from the game, this kind of alleged leaks serve to inform us about the future of the game.

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GTA 6 map has been leaked

The first image that started this series of leaks from the GTA 6 map showed a vast area of ​​land, supplemented by some supposed islands. According to other previous leaks, The big map might be Vice City And surrounding areas, while the smaller islands are several islands in the Caribbean. However, when the large map was leaked, half of it was incomplete. This new leak fills in this incomplete half.

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It doesn’t reveal much, but when you put the different leaks together, it reveals three large blocks of land with more than one big city and a variety of smaller islands. This is the A list of each of these leaks from the GTA 6 map:

Multiple leaks, both reliable and unreliable, have the game’s central location in Vice City, the fictional version of the series in Miami. However, there was some disagreement about the rest of the game’s map. Some claim that the GTA 6 map is enhanced with different Caribbean islands. Others claim that the game’s other central location is South America, while some say the map will include several American cities. These images seem to give credit for the game that takes place in Vice City and the Caribbean.

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