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One of the most popular series in Latin America . Although there have been many new versions of the novel, the Colombian version, the original, left us with many anecdotal characters. One of these is Patricia Fernandez, played by Lorna Cepeda, who keeps repeating “I studied 6 semesters in San Marino.” Do you know where he is? He gives us the clue.

The university exists, and according to , located in northern Italy, specifically in a small area called San Marino. This opened on October 31, 1985.

Google Maps and “San Marino” from “BETTY, LA FEA”

If you get The famous phrase “Peliteñida”, then just look at it University of San Marino so that the application or the web shows us exactly where it is.

Although this site It did not survive in Latin America, as it was thought, but in Europe, it is not yet known why the name House of Studies is used in “Betty, la fea”.. Have you dared to search for it on Google Maps?

Best of all, you can walk in 360-degree photos or images around the university using Google Maps. It also indicates that it has 6 departments: Biomedical Studies, Communications, Economics and Technology, Education and Training, Historical Studies and Legal Studies. In addition, it stands out that its library has more than 30,000 books.

This is the facade of the University of San Marino, home of the studies mentioned in “Betty, la fea”. (Photo: Google Maps)

Now that you know where Patricia Fernandez, better known as “La peliteñida”, studied on Google Maps, it’s time to leave the whole map to visit every place of this place, which is also very crowded because it’s touristy.

Where is “SAN MARINO” in Google Maps for “BETTY, LA FEA”

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