Rescue team searches for a 19-year-old mountaineer in Mesa de los Tres Reyes, Navarra

A research team coordinated by SOS Navarra attempts to locate a 19-year-old mountaineer from Pamplona on the path to reach Mesa de los Tres Reyes in the Pyrenees.

One of his friends called 112 to report that he had sent him a WhatsApp message that it was dark and he was still far from where he had left the car, the parking lot of the Linza shelter. After that, it was not possible to contact the young man by phone, who was not accompanied, according to the Navarre government.

The Technical Rescue Group and Navascués Park Units of the Fire Service/Nafarroako Suhiltzaileak addressed the area, as well as agents from the District Police and GREIM from the Civil Guard, who verified that the vehicle was still in the Linza shelter so they began the path up the Three Kings Table to try and locate missing person.

The search for accumulated ice was hampered, about half a meter in the shelter, and although the temperature was not excessively low, about 4 degrees at 9 pm, it seems that the mountaineer’s equipment is not ideal in these conditions and does not carry a flashlight.

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