Google backup may leave you data

for us cell – dungeon He goes with us everywhere. In addition to keeping us connected, it is the alarm clock and the camera. And one of the advantages it gives us is that a lot of our information, such as Pictures s Videos Which we capture, they go to the cloud and we can enjoy them on other devices. But be careful, if you use google browser Pictures, change the talk in your Support can consume mobile data without noticing.

As you know, devices that run the operating system Android They have a function so that, automatically, files that you create with the camera, and some other files, such as photos that come to you via WhatsApp, are copied to clouds. The intention is, if you change your cell – dungeon, or lose it, you must not forget the memories you had in your gallery.

however google browser Post a change that can increase your bill mobile data. You have removed an option in Support that many users use in their daily lives, which is that it no longer allows to distinguish between Videos s Pictures, and does not provide the possibility to choose only one.

Google Photos changed its backup function

You may be wondering why removing a job is so important to you. What happens is that those who have Support always active with mobile data They can no longer choose whether they only want to upload photos, only videos, or both.

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Many have enabled this option, for example, to ensure that a file Pictures From your vacation it will be safe if you do not have a Wi-Fi connection. However, of course, most users used this option only for images that do not involve a large amount of upload. data as a video, but that is no longer possible now.

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How is Google configured not to consume my data?

The choice you have now so as not to exhaustmobile data With a copy of photos and videos is to say google browser Exactly how much you can spend on this task.

If you decide to keep a file configuration copy with mobile data, You can choose the maximum data expenditure. 5MB, 10MB, and 30MB are the options available. Although if this is not a problem for you, you can simply choose “No Limits”.

Of course you can ask for it Google Photos don’t do Backups using data From your cell phone, just tap on “No data”.

Image: google

Another Google Change You Should Know

In addition to the theme Backup, It is important that you know another change to be made google browser It can affect you

The company announced that it will begin subjecting certain accounts to full scans to look for potential problems such as content that is prohibited, harmful or which, in its judgment, violates its rules.

It is not clear what would be considered forbidden, but what is certain is that google browser It will alert the user and give them the option to restrict the ability to share content or even delete it to prevent it from spreading, including malware. The most severe penalty will be an account ban.

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