Caribbean nations recognize SELAC’s efforts for territorial integrity

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia highlighted the cooperative nature of CELAC

ALBA-TCP received the Argentine Interim Presidency in CILAC

Venezuela called on Celak to confront unilateral coercive measures

Nicaragua thanked Celak for promoting unity and integration

Cuba affirms its commitment to regional integration in CELAC

To strengthen relations between Argentina, Chile and Colombia

during the Twenty-Second Summit of Foreign Ministers of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean StatesRepresentatives of the Caribbean countries highlighted the role of Mexico in its previous leadership of its work as coordinator of strategies to confront economic challenges and the epidemic in the region, which is being held in Argentina, which on Friday took over the interim presidency of the bloc. .

They also commended the work of the regional mechanism in reaching dialogue and participation of countries outside political and ideological differences.

They also expressed their confidence to progress alongside Celac in achieving greater health coverage in cities and increasing access to Covid-19 vaccines in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

They celebrated the bloc’s stance in defending the territorial sovereignty of states and opposing any element that touches it.

The Caribbean nations supported Argentina in its case for sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, a territory usurped by the United Kingdom, and were convinced that the new leader of SILAC would continue his efforts for the region’s progress and unity.

For its part, in the inauguration of the interim presidency of the mechanism, Argentina proposed 15 points to work on in the coming months, among them the post-pandemic phase, spatial cooperation, progress in deepening educational integration, strengthening institutions, the democracy and anti-corruption agenda and strengthening regional interdependence, among others. .

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The Argentine Foreign Minister, Santiago Cafiero, considered the society to be a forum designed for the region, a region of peace, where integration is not a technocratic mechanism but a tool based on popular sentiment.

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