González Laya confirms that AstraZeneca is violating its communication obligations

This content was posted on March 22, 2021 – 09:55

London, March 22 (EFE). – Spanish Foreign Minister, Arancha Gonzalez Laia, confirmed on Monday that AstraZeneca is not in compliance with its contractual obligations, when addressing the current controversy caused by the vaccine war maintained by the community bloc and urged the London government, the European Union and the United Kingdom to “work hand in hand” to ensure that the pharmaceutical company “Vaccines are provided” to both parties.

In an interview with the BBC from Brussels, Gonzalez Lya indicated that the European Union “has issued huge quantities of vaccines to the UK in recent months, more than 10 million” and stressed that this issue “is not related to the European Union or the United Kingdom.”

“The measures that the European Union said it would adopt with regard to export restrictions aim to get pharmaceutical companies to comply with their obligations,” the policy stated.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, last week threatened the possibility of suspending European exports of vaccines to producing countries, in a clear reference to the United Kingdom, in order to ensure that European production is directed primarily to immunizing the citizens of society.

“The reality is that we have a pharmaceutical company called AstraZeneca that is not fulfilling its contractual obligations with the European Union,” Gonzalez Laya said today.

So, he added, “The smartest thing is that both the European Union and the United Kingdom, both of (AstraZeneca’s) customers, work side by side to make sure AstraZeneca delivers vaccines to the European Union and the United Kingdom.”

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On this point, according to the minister, “This would be the smarter approach, because what is at stake here is vaccination. It will not treat other countries well or not.”

In response to a question about how Spain will deal with the epidemic, the minister replied that her country is preparing for the summer as its “horizon” and said that from now until the summer, we must be “careful”, because “what we will do in the coming weeks will be so. Enjoy the summer again. “

“(In Spain) we are dealing with the disease with caution and the numbers are low, although we are not out of danger yet.”

Also when asked about the possibilities of traveling abroad, Gonzalez answered Laya that, at the moment, she does not make plans “beyond the next two weeks”, but that she chooses “prudence.”

The policy stated, “What we need to do is go ahead with the vaccinations. This will ensure that we feel more secure and comfortable as the weeks go by and prepare for the summer.” It will not be a summer like any other summer that we know. “

“Summer will be a little better than last summer. As long as we are cautious now, we continue with the continuous vaccinations. This is where the efforts of the Spanish government are concentrated now and certainly the summer will be better and we will be. Happy to receive British tourists as usual.” EFE

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