Global journalists and veterans have called on the UK to negotiate

very They turned down the last offer of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, In the House of Commons, from Strengthening the military bases In the Falkland Islands and other colonies – as in Gibraltar in Spain – “it thus violates United Nations Resolution 3149 prohibiting unilateral actions in the disputed area, such as that military base.”

Likewise, APeRA supports the recent statement of the Argentine Foreign Ministry warning that “under the pretext not recognized by the United Nations in defense of the ‘right to self-determination’, the UK maintains an illegal presence in the South Atlantic, with an aim to seize the wealth that is there. And control of both access to Antarctica and the bi-ocean corridor between the Atlantic and the Pacific. ” On December 14, 1960, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 1514 (15), “The Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples.”

The Journalists Syndicate of the Argentine Republic A. Video conference with Falkland Islands War veterans from across the country And journalists from The global network of Spanish-speaking journalists Professionals who are taking the first training course for APeRa journalists on the Malvinas issue, under one of three main axes: highlighting Argentina’s rights in the Malvinas and South Atlantic islands.

The official Andres Dachari, Secretary of the Malvinas, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands and International Affairs of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands, participated in particular, who expressed that this conflict does not only mean the pain of not seeing the flag over our lands, but also the plunder of natural resources and militarization For the region.

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“Malvinas is the key to controlling the two oceans as well as for controlling the extraction of natural resources, since our province relies on one of the main sources of protein worldwide.”He said.

Likewise, veterans of the War of Malvinas Juan Sousa, of Regiment 5 in Paso de los Liberes, Corrientes, and secretary of the National Federation of Veterans, headquartered in Buenos Aires; Pedro Berry, from the defense artillery group; Daisy Rendo Gadia, widow of veteran warrior Carlos Maria Vergara Roso, civil aviator in Phoenix Squadron, Turbo Squadron commander AT 690 LV LTX of Gas del Estado, who is also affiliated with the National Veterans Union and journalist for APeRA.

Veteran Ignacio Arcidecono also participated. Pilot of the Phoenix Squadron, who participated in the Malvinas of the Federal Police Citation Plane and is the chief of the Phoenix Civil Aviation Veterans’ Division in Falkland; Juan Medina, who served in the navy, set out to command the naval fleet; And Roberto Oliva of the 7th Regiment, Colonel Conde de la Plata.

Also, veterans Eduardo D’Almedo, who was in the 7th Mechanized Infantry Regiment and was the commander of the field trains; Juan Francisco Doran, of the Amphibious Chariot Regiment; Alberto Bruno, belonging to the 601st Combat Aviation Battalion in Campo de Mayo; And Juan Manuel Moroni, who was in the destroyer ARA “Segui” as well as veterans of Aldo Before, the commander of the Air Force’s Twin Otter Plane; Amando Carballo, Marine Corps Landing Force Malvinas; Jorge Alfredo Garcia, survivor of the public cruise ship Belgrano, who after his recovery was sent to the radio station on BIM 5 in the Rio Grande; Juan Juanoco, who was on the carrier 25 de Mayo; Hector Horacio Chavez of the defense artillery group.

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