Tucuvi lands in the UK and aims for the US by 2024

Tucuvi continues its internationalization. Spanish company specializing in digital healthwhich works with a clinical virtual assistant to monitor and monitor patients, is based in the UK, a country where it introduced its technology for remote monitoring of users through phone calls, Marcus Rubio, co-founder of Tucuvi, explained to PlantTwelve.

To deploy its technology in the UK, Tucuvi has begun working with Cera, a home healthcare provider, where it monitors chronic patients in hospitals in the UK.

Cera technology is used by hundreds of care companies who together provide more than 1 million in-home appointments per week. The goal of the tool is to reduce hospitalization and readmission rates. Similarly, Rubio acknowledges that Tocofi has begun negotiations with Britain’s health system, the NHS, to expand its services in the country. Among the company’s future goals is making the leap to the United States, a plan it plans to implement next year, according to Rubio.

The company is present in Spain, the United Kingdom and Portugal. In the latter country, its incursion took place at the beginning of the year, through an agreement with the CUF Cascais hospital. The health center officials trusted the Spanish company to perform post-discharge follow-up without overburdening the clinical teams.

If the virtual assistant detects any alarming signs, the medical team is notified and they act. The project has been promoted in Portuguese territory by the Office of Operational Innovation and Transformation and the nursing teams of the CUF Cascais Hospital.

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Tucuvi is health technology Madrid Founded in 2019 that created the virtual assistant Lola to adapt and follow each patient from his home. To date, the company has managed more than 1 million conversations Its technology saves up to 70% of the time of the nursing staff and reduces the average hospital stay by 26%.

Last summer, Tocove closed an €800,000 financing round in which many participated business angels and a Portuguese fund linked to the technology sector, whose names were not disclosed.

In addition, at the end of 2022, the company received €5.5 million from the European Commission under the EIC Accelerator. Of the total amount, €2.5 million is in the form of a non-refundable grant and €3 million in investment through the EIC Fund, which will boost commercial activity in Tucuvi.

The resources obtained allow Tucuvi to begin development of “Project Lola version 2.0”, as well as making the tool available in more than twenty languages.

The founders of Tocovi are Marcos Rubio Maria Gonzalez and Marcos Rubio, biomedical engineers, who control the majority of the capital. González had an idea .start When I worked for Medtronic, an American multinational company specializing in this sector MedTech.

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