Microsoft Adds This Functionality to Windows Notepad That You’ve Been Waiting For For Over 40 Years

Windows Notepad was created in 1983 and is 41 years old without many changes. This format has worked for decades, but now users are looking for a leap in quality and Microsoft decided to listen to their suggestions.

This tool It received one of the biggest updates in its history in March of this year. With the arrival of AI with Pilot Assistant. Microsoft has updated Notepad over the past few years with small improvements like the long-awaited tabs, but it has brought another big change.

The app will add a built-in spell checker to Windows 11. The improvements can start rolling out with Insider build 11.2402.22.0 and are expected to reach all users soon.

This is in addition to other minor text improvements in recent years. One of the most significant occurred in July 2021 with the functions Smarter search and replace, text zoom, and line wrapping For numbers.

This same year also brought dark mode, auto-save and sign out. Microsoft has focused on making changes to its interface to make it more attractive, but in 2024 it is betting on the ease of use of the program.

These improvements are no coincidence and are the result of closing the book after 28 years. Microsoft has encouraged users to switch to Notepad or Word.So he had to strive to provide the best experience.

All autocorrect can do

Microsoft He explained on his blog: Notepad’s autocorrect works in Windows, although it claims to be very simple. Misspelled words in text It is automatically underlined in red, as it is in other editors. From its ecosystem like Word.

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The spell checker will suggest changes when users highlight the word, another way is to use the keyboard shortcut “Shift + F10” on the misspelled word to see the spell check suggestions. The highlighted word will be updated immediately.

Users also Red underlining can be ignored in a single word or in the entire document.Or add new terms to the dictionary or change the language of the app’s spell checker.

Microsoft explains that this feature is enabled by default for some documents, but is disabled for code files. The program will allow you to enable or disable this setting depending on the file type.

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