Germany raises the number of athletes ranked in Tokyo 2020 to 162 – Prensa Latina

When there is still a final nomination for athletes on July 3, the Teutonic team celebrates incorporating classes into badminton (5), boxing (3), weightlifting (2), boating (17), athletics (12), cycling (17) Rowing (27), shooting sports (3), diving (8).

According to a statement, in the rowing stand out the invitations of three-time Olympic king Sebastian Brendel, and Ronald Rauhe, the initiator of the 2004 Athens edition who will interfere in his sixth under the five rings date.

In cycling, Germany will feature such figures as multi-medalist world champion Emma Haines, who will live out her first Olympic Games in the capital of Japan; In addition to Maximilian Levy, with awards at the highest level.

The rowing duo delegation includes Karl Schulz and Anikatrine Thiel, the Rio de Janeiro 2016 double-boat kings, and world and European singles champion Oliver Zeidler, who will attend the summer premiere in Tokyo 2020.

According to the International Olympic Committee, the deadline for the delegation registration process is July 5.

Five years ago in the Rio de Janeiro edition, Germany attended with a delegation of more than 400 athletes in 27 sports and collected 17 gold, 10 silver and 15 bronze medals, placing it fifth in the medal table, behind only Russia and China. the United Kingdom and the United States.

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