This is how Benidorm uses its image for film shoots and big brands

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two urban beaches with a majestic skyline rising above a small town of 70,000 people; A viewpoint with the iconic island in the shape of a right triangle in the background; Or the views from the Sierra Hilada Natural Park, with landmarks like the mighty Bali Hotel or the all-new Tempo Building shaded against the horizon.

Benidorm is one of the municipalities with one of the most famous geographical regions in Spain And even from other countries such as the UK: there are very few typical prints beyond recognition by several generations of tourists. The city council is directing that image for presentation to major production companies and brands, through the Film Bureau (BFO).

The streets of Benidorm have been chosen in recent days By many big brands and artists to record ad clips and videos, which serves as an outward promotion of the city. Several music videos, a promotional site for ONCE and another for a well-known (and yet undisclosed) Spanish multinational fashion have taken the city as a filming location in recent weeks.

Already these shootings last year They have left more than 4.5 million euros in impact on the tourist capital. Rosa Llorca, the technician in charge of the film bureau, explains that this machine is another gadget in one of the cities in Spain with the most overnight stays.

“What interests us is Benidorm’s exit,” he explains. “And our job is to use existing law to facilitate this whole process.” can take a shoot Requires reservation of a certain public space (for which you have to pay a fee), as happened for example on Tuesday at Levante Beach.

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They admitted from the office: “This can cause some discomfort.” “Still, it’s worth it.” According to the statistics kept by the BFO, every production team travels to the city “It receives an average of 20 people with a stay of three days.” With this, the accommodation sector “accumulates overnight stays; and those for employment, rental, hospitality, catering, audiovisual and, of course, local representation are enhanced”.

One day of photography

Madrid Producer Harry Kane, with a long history in the world of advertising production, was responsible for the realization and production of ONCE advertising.

affect the company The “attractiveness” of the city for hosting this type of production, To which must be added some ‘wonderful locations’, ‘speed’ in permit administration’ and ‘readiness of municipal departments administered through BFO’.

The current times of the pandemic have forced us to take tight security measures with this kind of initiative. On Harry Kane’s set, for example, a Covid-19 tent was erected, Where the temperature was measured and health materials were provided (such as masks or hydro-alcoholic gel) for production staff.

“BFO responds to the needs of production companies, allows workflows to be generated and revitalization of the local economy, Referred to the same sources. For example, the Film Bureau notes that the economic impact of filming taking place these days in Benidorm “would be around €35,000” between accommodations, space rentals and the hiring of businesses and technicians.

Rosa Lorca concludes that the idea “is to use the city’s own image to promote through audio-visual media, which not only has an additional cost, It also generates income for the municipality.”

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