France threatens retaliation if the UK does not respect the fishing agreement

This content was published on April 27, 2021 – 10:20

Paris, April 27th (EFE). France has threatened the UK with retaliation if it does not abide by the fishing agreement reached in the Brexit negotiations, due to the delay in granting fishing licenses in British waters.

“The UK expects from us a certain number of licenses in financial services. We will not give anything unless we have guarantees that in fisheries and other matters they respect their obligations,” the Secretary of State for European Affairs warned on Tuesday. Clement Boone on the BFM channel.

Fishermen in northern France, who traditionally fished in British waters, denounced the long delays in implementing the trade agreement when only 22 of the 120 boats from Boulogne-sur-Mer, the first fishing port in the English Channel, obtained the necessary permission to fish in these waters .

This situation led France to allocate a budget of 100 million euros for support, as part of a European aid plan for the fishing sector, which is one of the sectors most affected by Brexit.

“These are between 50 and 50. It is imperative that everyone respects their obligations. If not, we will be as tough and difficult as possible as partners,” Boone stressed. EFE

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