The best medicine is not in the pharmacy, but in our legs, as confirmed by an American study

Walking is good for health. We all know it, read it and listen to it every day. Now that we are finally able to return to other sports, let’s not forget our outings, our friends in the final months of the pandemic. The best medicine is not in the pharmacy, but on our legs, as an American study confirms. In fact, 10,000 steps per day are the key to strengthening our immune defenses. Let’s have a look at this article from the editorial experts in detail.

Innate and adaptive immunity

We may have heard about these concepts of immunity in these months when the entire world had to grapple with a new pandemic. Vaccines are ready for the entire population, but the truth is that those who are not yet sick have shown that they have a really strong immune system. Why did the doctors count?Seattle UniversityIs it directly related to walking? Because when walking outdoors and in the sun, by engaging the head and legs, our defenses are better activated. Here, then, is the concept of “innate and adaptive immunity”.

Walking is fine, but let’s explain why, too

Walking is good for the heart, circulation, stress, disease prevention, muscles and breathing. And everyone knows that now, maybe even kids. What experts and scientists at the American University in Cairo have explained to us is the importance of wandering the immune system. People have two forms of immune defense:

The first, as the term itself says, is given to us from birth and allows our physical defense barriers to protect us and regulate inflammatory activity in our bodies. On the other hand, adaptive defense develops in humans, generally one year after birth, and is reinforced by vaccines. The best medicine is not in the pharmacy, but in our legs, as confirmed by an American study, which makes walking the best preventive measure to avoid contracting the disease. As a result, take less medication.

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(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this article, which you can refer to who is he”)

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