France demands quick resolution of fishing dispute with UK

This content was published on November 09, 2021 – 01:15 PM

Paris, November 9 (EFE). France is keeping an open negotiating channel with the United Kingdom in the dispute over its claims to fishing licenses, but stressed on Tuesday that it wanted a “quick” solution.

“France remains open to dialogue, but a quick solution must be found for our fishermen, in implementation of the agreements,” State Minister for European Affairs, Clement Bonn, stated in a message on his Twitter account.

At the beginning of this week, a new bilateral interview like the one that took place last Thursday in Paris between Bonn and his British counterpart David Frost was planned, but so far neither has leaked anything even about where or when it happened. It must happen.

France raised its claim over several weeks in its claim of about 200 fishing licenses it deemed entitled to be able to fish in British waters or the Anglo-Norman Islands, which were not granted to their fishermen.

At the end of October, his government prepared a series of retaliatory measures, which it had initially planned to implement on November 2, but were suspended after President Emmanuel Macron agreed with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to make way. to negotiate.

These measures include banning British fishing vessels from landing in French ports and tightening controls on imports of British products.

Paris has tried to remove this disagreement from the strict bilateral framework and involve the EU more, as its claim for licenses is based on the Brexit agreement signed at the end of December 2020 between London and Brussels in which the fishing chapter was one. It is more difficult to access. EFE

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