AMLO for Netto’s wedding

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador mentioned that the public servers They should act “austerity” and “moderation”, after it was known who were the officials who attended the wedding of the head of the Financial Intelligence Unit, Santiago Nieto, in Guatemala, which led to the resignation of Paula Lara, the city’s tourism minister, for her private jet travel.

He stated that it is a “matter of scandal”, and although it is a private act, public officials should avoid such situations.

“It is indeed a matter of scandal, even when it is a private business, for public affairs in Mexico are becoming more and more public, or more is known about private affairs or events. Before, nothing was known, there was too much ostentation, too much waste, But everything is silenced, not now.

“We should recommend public servants to behave with moderation and austerity and to follow the example of Juarez who said that the public servant should learn to live under a fair average,” he said.

He noted at a press conference that there is still excessive inactivity. Demand that public officials respond and if there is a crime to be prosecuted, act.

He stated that he was invited, but he does not usually attend these types of events.

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Lee: The secretary was effective but it was wrong to get on a private jet: Sheinbaum

this saturday, Paula Felix Diaz She has resigned as tourism minister, after it was known that she had traveled to Guatemala to attend a wedding on a private jet, which goes against the government’s current austerity policy.

The link will be the owner’s link Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF), Santiago Nieto, and electoral advisor Carla Humphrey, held in Guatemala.

Head of Government , Claudia Sheinbaum, Yesterday he said that despite the efficiency of Paula Felix Diaz as Minister of Tourism, Traveling in a private plane was a mistake that cost him the job.

“Here there are no privileges for public servants, and in this case, although she was a highly qualified public servant and really wanted to, because she made the mistake of boarding a private plane, no one here can board private planes,” he said.

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