Find out which countries are most dependent on some cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ether, Solana… You will be surprised!

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The United States is the country with the highest percentage of followers Dogecoin, While Australia wins adoption Bitcoin and Singapore in Ethereum.


Although we know that there are more and more crypto investors and crypto enthusiasts in the world, we know very little about whether there are preferences for any particular currency in any part of the world. Well, a new poll by the media discoverer Which reached 93,528 responses from users in 27 countries, accounts for the preferred adoption and encryption in countries represented on the five continents. The results were weighted using an interactive classification process google browser To reflect the distribution of the national population in each country.

As mentioned finder, The Cryptocurrency Adoption Index measures the growth of cryptocurrencies worldwide through an ongoing survey of Internet users in 27 countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia , Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

US results

For January 2022, they found, among some of the findings, the following about adoption in the United States:

  • Nearly 27 million Americans say they own cryptocurrency.
  • The United States has the sixth lowest rate of cryptocurrency ownership among all countries in the survey, with only 10.5% of Americans owning cryptocurrency.
  • While cryptocurrency ownership in the US has grown slightly (it was 10.1% in October), it has fallen in the global rankings from 11 to 22 out of the 27 countries studied.
  • Of Americans who own cryptocurrency, about fifty (44.5%) own Bitcoin. This is higher than the global average of 39.1%.
  • The United States has the highest Dogecoin adoption of any surveyed country with 31.6% of cryptocurrency owners.
  • Men in the US are about 1.7 times more likely than women to own cryptocurrency: among cryptocurrency owners, 63% are men compared to 37% are women.
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Cryptocurrencies in the world

The interesting thing the survey did was comparing the percentage of adoption of certain cryptocurrencies among 27 countries. He had absolutely amazing results:


For example, the highest percentage of people who own Bitcoin It is in Australia with 72.7%, followed by South Africa with 56% and Hong Kong with 55.1%. (Note: It is important that they are percentages of those surveyed, and may vary by country).

The amount of adoption in Australia is staggering. In addition, among the last on the list, in terms of the percentage of Bitcoin adoption, there are several Latin American countries. The country with the highest percentage is Brazil, where 28.4% of those surveyed admitted they have the currency.


However, the ratios change with respect to other cryptocurrencies:

highest credit ethereum, For example, in Singapore, where 43.5% of those surveyed answered that they own it. In second place comes Australia with accreditation ETH of 42.9%.

regarding Dogecoin, Meme puppy coin, numbers are even more amazing: The largest adoption is in the US, with 31.6% saying they have had it, It is followed by 29% in Australia and 27.4% in Norway.

to me Solanathe country with the highest adoption rate is Indonesia with 24.9% of respondents reporting that they own, followed by Brazil and Singapore with 23.4%.

Regarding ripplethe country with the highest adoption rate is Indonesia again with 24.9%.

Another interesting finding is that the adoption of cryptocurrencies has grown between October and December 2021 in all countries.

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Feelings for and against

In November 2021, in another survey, discoverer Netizens from 23 countries were asked if they had heard of the code, and if they thought the code was a good investment. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of Internet users surveyed said they are aware of stirrups.

However, he points out that a high awareness of cryptocurrencies in a particular country does not necessarily translate into a high percentage of the public willing to invest their capital in cryptocurrencies. Less than half (43%) of those surveyed think cryptocurrency is a reasonable investment.

Positive sentiment towards investing in cryptocurrency is highest in Nigeria, with 81% saying they think investing in cryptocurrency is a good idea. It is followed by the Philippines (71%), Indonesia (68%), India (64%) and Malaysia (61%).

At the other end of the spectrum is the UK, where only 17% say they think investing in Crypto is a wise move. Sweden, Japan, Norway, and Germany responded with a crypto-positive rating of 25% or less.

To see the full study and its infographics, click discoverer.

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