US asks athletes to use single-use cell phones in Beijing 2022

We know the rivalry (in every sense of the word) between The United States and China, but now that they are Beijing 2022 Winter OlympicsUS Olympic and Paralympic Committee officials requested athletes Use of single-use cell phones While they are in the Asian country.

According to a report from The Wall Street JournalOfficials warned through a bulletin for athletes of the possibility of this It can be spied on through their devices while they are in China.

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The bulletin contained a message that read “Every device, connection, transaction and activity on the Internet can be monitored. Their devices can also be attacked by malware that can negatively affect their use in the future.”

how explain the edgeIt is not at all unusual for China to spy on tourists and others through their smart devices.

In 2019, they discovered that China was installing viruses on people’s phones in Xinjiang, where the government arrested and tortured many Muslim residents living in this region.

In addition, the Internet censorship practiced by China within its territory is well known, which is why many websites and platforms are blocked in this country.

However, he promised not to block any pages of athletes from other countries who will participate in the Winter Olympics.

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