Filming the competition that beat Netflix in series and movies

This May will be full of new seasons and great premieres

last of platforms From the video in . format flow Most importantly who is currently in Spain has already reported about the first shows that I have planned in terms of the series and it is about two films. An option that differs from the rest because of the type of content it offers, where quality generally prevails over quantity.

also in two films There are standards, order and huge number of courses And movies of all periods and styles, classic and groundbreaking, that you enjoy and learn about. Therefore, choosing a string or file Movie It turns out to be a bit tricky for true movie fans.

two films
Filmin is the platform that surprises with its catalog of series and movies

Filmin series that managed to be the most watched on the platform

This way, Filmin has the best list of series to enjoy this May. One of them is Prasek. An excellent comedy featuring its third season, in which some low-class friends have to make a living in the best possible way.

On the other hand, we will also find in two serial films titled The Time of Happiness that will air its second season on May 12. Among these important series, the Manayek series, which is scheduled to be shown on May 24, and the second season of Parliament, on May 31.

The cast in both productions were some of the best actors

The Empty Crown: The Wars of the Roses is the next recommended series at the moment. There Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston lead a luxurious crew that unifies Karim’s English landscape to trace the chronology of the English monarchy through the Middle Ages.

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Finally, it appears in the guilt list. This is a comedy-thriller series starring Robert McKillop and Patrick Harkins. The first BBC Scotland original series was a huge hit with critics, audiences and awards in the UK. A black comedy about two brothers who accidentally kill an old man.

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