ProColombia is 30 years old and will hold a business conference in Madrid (Spain) with European investors

Reference photo for the Procolombia business event in Madrid (Spain). Photo: ProColombia.

On Wednesday, the fifth edition of the “Columbia Investment Fair” will be held in the Spanish capital, a platform that seeks to communicate with it With foreign companies coming to the country for job opportunities which will also be celebrated 30 years of ProColombia, the government agency that promotes tourism and foreign investment in Colombia.

Presence President of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), Antonio Garamendi, who will make way for the Business Conference.

Vice President and Counsellor Marta Lucia Ramirez, who is also in attendance, will also be present He will hold a formal meeting with Garamendi and will also present the results of the internationalization mission on FDI to Colombia.

(Requested) To show the various investment opportunities that exist in Colombia to Spanish businessmen. (All this) so that the country is seen as the most attractive investment in Latin America. It draws a lot of attention to what is happening in the country, the economic growth, the shift towards unconventional renewable energies, the great development in infrastructure, in the housing sector as well and clearly in the manufacturing sector. and the processed food sector,” said the vice president.

Transport Minister Angela Maria Orozco will also be present. Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy, Miguel Lotero, and ProColombia President, Flavia Santoro.

“We want to leave this agenda with Spain very far ahead because it is really a strategic country for the future of Colombia and also for relations with the European Union”, Ramirez added.

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A meeting is also scheduled for Thursday 5 May with the Consortium of Construction Companies and Infrastructure Franchise Owners (SEOPAN), which will take place prior to the discussion session on infrastructure and energy.

“We want to put Colombia on stage and a great cultural event, because this kind of event unites countries and strengthens the relations between our two countries,” the foreign minister said.

In danger of having flowers for Mother’s Day

On the occasion of the celebration mother’s Day،, one of the dates when the floriculture sector has the opportunity to sell more, is affected by logistical problems that arise in El Dorado Airport in Bogota.

Alvaro Villamisar ZunigaCEO of Caproflor Colombia (the Colombian flower and foliage production chain), described this situation as a serious problem for the flower export sector, which It affects medium and small farmers.

Because of the congestion that occurs with ground transportation that takes the produce to the air terminal, freight carriers outpace quotas, giving priority only to large flower growers.

The problem appears every time there are seasons to send flowers and foliage to our overseas customers.‘ pointed out Villamisar.

It is estimated that between 800 tractors and trucks gathered this season to carry the flowers destined for international markets. According to the complaint of several public bodies related to transportation and foreign trade, there are problems due to “Old information about warehouses inside the airport; Blocking gangs by drivers and receiving last minute ordersAlvaro pointed out.

Similarly, Caproflor CEO explained that flowers are a A delicate product that requires a cold chain to preserveuntil the export flower is kept in good condition, causing huge losses to medium and small producers who are barely recovering from the catastrophic effects of the health crisis brought by the epidemic since 2020.

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