Fans in the stadiums: The British government considers returning fans to the stadiums | Sports

The British government is studying the possibility of testing the return of the public on one of them FA Cup semi-finals And during World “snooker”On Monday, the Minister of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports announced, Oliver Dowden.

“We want the audience back with The maximum possible guarantees in terms of safetyDowden announces a la BBC.

“We want it to be The simplest and most practical For the viewers. That is why we will do experimental work. “

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“The plan is to examine factors such as the stadium’s one-way systems and ventilation How to behave at the entrance and exit of the placeThe official said.

Audience return can be tested in One of the FA Cup semi-finals at Wembley StadiumChelsea-Manchester City on April 17th or Leicester-Southampton on April 18th.

The Cup final and Snooker World Cup in Sheffield are also on the list of events likely to host an audience, although the full list has not been officially published yet.

United kingdom On Monday, he entered the second phase of the gradual dismantlement planThanks to the progress made on vaccination against the Coronavirus.

Groups of six people or members of two different family kernels Can from now on meet, But only outside, which includes private gardens.

Play tennis, golf, basketball, swimming, or other outdoor sports as well Permissible.

The next stage in this process will be The terraces of bars, restaurants and pubs are expected to reopenAnd also non-essential boutiques like hairdressers, scheduled for April 12th.

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