In Pictures: The Buoy of Mount Ever Gift and the days of “suffocation” in the Suez Canal

Finally, after several days of work, rescue teams were able to re-float the container ship on Monday since whenAnd the Which ran aground on the 23rd in the Suez Canal and remained fixed with its arch and its stern from shore to shore in the strategic sea lane.

In a finally successful attempt, which followed several failures on Sunday, the tugs were able to change the ship’s direction by 80% and move it away from the canal bank by a hundred meters. Photo: Reuters.

The channel’s governing body said in a statement that the decisive maneuver to float the giant vessel began around 03:00 am (01:00 GMT) on Monday. Of the ten locomotives, two of 70 tons each pulled a bow since when To the north, two others pulled the stern to the south.

The operation required prior dredging and the power of a dozen locomotives. Photo: Reuters.

At least 367 ships, carrying everything from crude oil to livestock, piled up on both ends of the canal, waiting for passage. Data company Refinitiv estimated it could take more than 10 days to clear the backlog.

Since last Tuesday, when the gigantic 400 meters long and 220,200 tons ship ran aground, more than 300 ships have accumulated in the strategic sea lane of global trade. Photo: Reuters.

The since whenEvergreen Shipping Company weighs 220,000 tons, is 400 meters long and carries 18,300 containers.

This photo shows the container ship ever given up in the Suez Canal during the final stage of the towing operation. Photo: Reuters.

On Monday morning, since when It was released and was on a route parallel to the banks of the Suez Canal, through which more than 10% of world trade and 25% of containers pass.

The giant ship floats in the waters of the Suez Canal, while sirens are heard for ships to celebrate this achievement after several days of dredging and towing. Photo: Reuters.

The Egyptian TV network “ Extra News ”, which broadcasts live the process of reshaping the container ship, reported that the crossing through the canal will resume in the afternoon, although the authorities have not officially announced this.

The logistics company Leth Agencies, operating on the canal, claimed that the ship was sailing north, accompanied by several tugs that participated in its expulsions. Photo: Reuters.

This image shows the size of the gigantic ship heading towards the Great Lake, where it will dock and undergo technical inspection before resuming the voyage to Rotterdam. Photo: Reuters.

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