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Several environmental groups have sent a letter to the UK’s 100 richest families asking them to provide big money in the coming years to tackle the climate crisis and stop the destruction of the natural environment.

These families and their charities will receive this letter on Saturday asking them to take the climate emergency into account when planning their charitable work, according to the British newspaper “The Guardian” on Saturday.

“We are at a tipping point: without concerted and radical action, the current trend of severe weather, with more hostile living conditions and a diseased nature, will accelerate,” says the letter, which was signed by more than 10 environmental groups, including the European Climate Foundation and the Arcadia Foundation.

The letter did not ask for a specific amount, but the British newspaper stresses that the signatories hope to reach one billion pounds (1,163 million euros) by 2025.

“The environment is the life support of humanity. Yet the human systems we have created—economic, industrial, and even political—are changing our climate, endangering other species and reducing our health and well-being.”

The message was sent on the occasion of the celebration next November in Glasgow of the COP26 climate summit and those of the leaders of the Group of Seven (the world’s richest) next week – between June 11 and 13 – in Cornwall, southwest England.

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