Enrique Baquero, Professor at the University of Navarra’s Faculty of Science: This is his summer

Teacher Faculty of Science at the University of Navarra and manager Department of Environmental BiologyEnrique Baquero is using the summer to reconnect with friends and update his schedule. Among his plans, a trip to the beach with the family and above all, to the mountains, his great pastime.

How do you summarize the course? Any idea I took as an experiment…

Another course. It is true that we had to make some adjustments during the months of the pandemic, but my interest in teaching in the right environment, given the peculiarities of biology and environmental science, has led me into this field on many occasions. There, almost far from the risks of infection, we were able to develop the software in a very satisfactory way for ourselves and the students. In addition, we were able to resume the “Landscape and Environment” program, which was the final culmination, I was able to accompany a group of students to Costa Rica. idea? Learn how to surround yourself with colleagues who contribute.

How do you rest in the summer?

I’ve always said that rest only needs a change of activity or location as a condition. There will be everything: a few days with a part of the nuclear family we can reunite, my two oldest daughters are already making their own plans. Perhaps on a quiet coast, I also walk in the mountains, one of my favorite hobbies, cultural outings with my wife and young son, meetings at home with friends, I even work, but outside the lab, because I will try to do a project that cannot progress while immersed in the academic course.

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Beach, mountain, travel abroad?

Given the current socio-economic situation, I have no plans to go abroad, and I also think we should try to help the local businessman. Yes the beach, but little, and the mountain as far as I can, because it is my second home.

Would you recommend any reading?

I am an active reader, but I do not have time for novels. It just gives me time to follow up on previous articles from National Geographic magazine, to which I am a contributor. I like it because it provides knowledge of art, culture, society as well as nature that keeps me up to date with what is happening in the world. I like to read about reality; I’m not very drawn to fantasy when we talk about reading.

Do you drop the connection completely or spend some time on the computer?

Like I said, I consider that working outside the lab also allows you to rest. I will have urgent matters to solve and will present on long-term open projects that I have in the bedroom.

Any whim in summer? any obsession?

Nothing if we talk in terms of travel or gastronomy. I consider it crazy to get back in touch with friends I haven’t been able to communicate with for a long time, i.e. to keep my agenda updated.

secret to rest?

I try to maintain a good balance between work and leisure, even when it’s not a vacation. I don’t usually report being tired and I think it’s due to this attitude, which can be defined as “knowing how to break up”, also in short breaks and not just on vacations.

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