Ten years of London 2012

last week , Mayor of LondonSadiq Khan announced the intention of the English capital to host the Olympic Games in 2036, the first of the upcoming (summer) Olympic events whose venue is still not safe. Khan explained that one of the greatest strengths of hosting the Games again is that most of the infrastructure used in 2012 can be reused and that it will be “the greenest and most sustainable in history”. The mayor never mentioned the sports part.

It is July 27 this year 10th Anniversary of the London OlympicsThose that were implemented in the midst of the economic crisis and those that were implemented Madrid He was even more welcome, when in 2005 – the election year – the two famous voices missing in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decision left for London. It was great games, with the city dedicated to the occasion Building a new Olympic stadium (later reused, now home to West Ham, the Premier League) and with great organization, it was perfectly reflected in the opening ceremony – including the participation of Queen Isabelle- And the closure as well as in all places that worked perfectly under the tutelage Sebastian CompanyAthletics legend and president of the organizing committee.

However, London 2012 will not be able to get rid of a problem that has been lingering over the years: The Steroids. JJ.OO. From now a decade ago dirtiest in history. This has little to do with the UK as such, although it has been pointed out in London in some other studies that British athletes were being used illegally as ‘guinea pigs’ and that the UK established State steroids To live your best games. Can’t check it out.

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It has evidence that doping in these Olympics has been living practically with complete impunity, ever since The years when RussiaAlready tried, Establishing an entire network to falsify anti-doping controls and cover up positive casesremembering that two years later, in Sochi, the Winter Games were held.

Regarding the competition within 15 days, only nine participants tested positive on those dates. In general, it was a very low number. He had a trap. After a decade 139 athletes were disqualified, including 39 medalists in London 2012. The data is more clear if the winners are chosen: 13 gold medals withdrawn due to doping. The 2012 Olympics were filled with cheaters who initially achieved their goal and were able to enjoy the Olympic glory. However, they ended up getting caught.

The case of Lydia Valentine was the greatest example of the great doping trap: she took fourth place in London, but seven years later she took the goldEFE

They know it very well, to name a few, Set Benavides, Ruth Petya and Lydia Valentine. The three could have won their first Olympic medal at that event in London, but the fraudulent athletes removed the option to enjoy the podium they won as an athlete. Lydia Valentine’s case was outrageous Because she was 4th in weightlifting, but years later I knew it His three opponents competed under the disgraceful influence of steroids. They gave him the gold medal he deserves in 2019.

Sete Benavides, who finished fourth, took bronze in rowing last June, just ten years later, since then Lithuanian Gvgenij Shuklin, who finished second, competed with doping. The same thing happened just a few weeks ago with Ruth Petya, who won the bronze in the high jump for athletic merit, but was fourth behind the Russian. Svetlana ShkulinaAt least another face of doping has been “stalled”. The Cantabrian athlete was able to at least enjoy an Olympic medal on the track for four years, no less than a Gold in Rio 2016.

Spain won 17 medals in London in 2012. A decade later there are 20, three of which were achieved through recognition of doping by cheaters.

It has taken ten years to do justice to the athletes who have at least earned their medals, even though they don’t know the same being delivered at competition time. A lot of delay is due to the fact that Re-analysis of samplespossible solution pleas Of those concerned, formally agree to redistribute the results and that The medal is returned by the original owner and delivered to the rightful winner.

Secret steroids in Russia

2012 was the year that R.The United States lived its golden age of results and doping. After reanalyzing a sample of those games, 46 Russians top the list of criminals (followed by 17 Ukrainians, 15 Belarusians and 14 Turks). helped a lot McLaren Reportsponsored by the World Anti-Doping Agency, which showed that between 2011 and 2015 the Russian authorities launched A plan to protect doping athletes. The whole scandal caused that since 2019, Russian athletes did not compete under their country’s flag and that Russia had no presence in any international competition, to which was now added the invasion of Ukraine.

London 2012 Olympic Games are of greatness No joy for Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt. Also those from 17 medalists from Spain ended up with 20 due to doping (the second best player in history after Barcelona 92) and promotion games for women’s sports, which by that time had already become known. But they were also the dirtiest of them all because The results with which the Games were closed had nothing to do with those that would remain in the Olympic records. Shame data. There is nothing sadder than that, although the World Anti-Doping Agency asserts, “Justice is being served even if it is years later.”

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