EPPCO has agreed to order more than 278 million pesos during fiscal year 2022

Oaxaca de Juarez– General Council of the State Institute for Elections and Citizen Participation in Oaxaca (EPCOThe State Council approved a request of 278 million 538 thousand 37.26 pesos to finance the activities of political parties in the state during Fiscal year 2022.

According to the initial draft of the expenditure budget for the coming year of IEEPCO, 176 million 289 thousand 897 pesos corresponds to the concept of permanent normal activities, and for the financing it is political parties For specific activities five million 288 thousand 696.91 pesos.

While to cover its campaign expenses in the 2022 elections, in which the new state governor will be elected, IEEPCO is requesting the allocation of 88 million 144 thousand 948.50 pesos to political parties.

In addition to the above amounts, the postal concession clause is expected, corresponding to 4% of the total amount of financing for normal activities, which is equivalent to 7 million 51 thousand 595 pesos and 88 cents.

The IEEPCO General Council decided that taking into account the results of the recent elections in the state of Oaxaca, the Citizens Movement party did not reach the required 3% of the vote, which is why they will not receive public funding.

Nevertheless, he considered it appropriate to allocate a budget to finance the electoral campaign of the movement of citizens, “in accordance with the criteria supported by the Supreme Council of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary, an amount equal to one million 762 thousand 898 pesos and 97 cents . “

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In a public session, the Electoral College also agreed to continue to merge the permanent and temporary committees of the General Council of the Institute, until the General Council of the National Electoral Institute made the corresponding appointment of the Principal Adviser to that Institute or until October 29 of the current year.

It is also legally eligible for the regular elections of municipal councilors in San Juan Yatsuna, Santiago Nondeche, Santo Domingo Albaradas, Santa Ana Yarini and Tototepec Villa de Morelos; In addition, she is legally eligible for the extraordinary election of tax and education registries to the San Bartolome Yuconi City Council.

With respect to the early termination of the term of councilors elected in 2019 for the City Council of San Mateo del Mar, which is electorally governed by local organizational systems, the General Council qualifies as legally valid.

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